Welcome to the Revolution

Cosmetic brands come a dime a dozen, but a cosmetics brand that truly empowers individuals to embrace their inner beauty is rare. Bold Lips Revolution Cosmetics believes the best representation of beauty is someone who is boldly and unapologetically true to who they are. At BLR Cosmetics, we care about how you look but most importantly, we care about the woman behind the face and the smile.

Make-up does not validate our self-worth and with our products we strive to inspire and educate women on the importance of self-love so when they apply our products they know that they look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Our conscious brand captures the beautiful and often underappreciated nature of all women. We are not 'pretty.' We are strong, courageous, powerful, intelligent, confident, and BOLD. 

Our Brand

Just like the name suggests, we expect our customers to be bold and confident in everything that they do. We have created quality products that will take care of your skin and leave you feeling confident all day. From the matte to the shiny finish, we have lipsticks for every woman so rest assure that you will get what you need when you shop BLR Cosmetics.

Choose a lipstick for your everyday use like the office or work or a bold color when you want to go out with your friends. We have every woman in mind and our lipsticks compliment lips of all sizes and women of all shades. We seek to revolutionize the beauty industry by empowering women to embrace the beautiful, strong, confident, bold being within themselves.


Our Promise

You can trust that we use quality ingredients that enhance your skin. With so many other cosmetic brands available on the market, we put the appropriate measures in place to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of every item you purchase from us.

We promise to put our customers first. We will always empower our BLR Tribe to 'Be You, Be Powerful, Be Confident, Be Beautiful and Be Bold.'


Charity work

One too many women suffer in silence. Domestic violence is an issue that needs to be addressed and the BLR brand is dedicated to providing support for survivors of domestic violence. We help survivors start over and find a path to healing. When you buy from us, you support a woman, child or man who has been affected by Domestic Violence. Additionally, a portion of sales proceeds go directly to our non-profit organization, The Battle Buddies Tribe.

BLR Cosmetics empowers you to look and feel beautiful and confident in anything you wear. You can walk with confidence anywhere and know that you are your best self because you are using cosmetics that take a holistic approach to what it means to be beautiful. We help you do the inner work so you can shine and show your true self then you apply our quality, unmatched makeup to shine even brighter than you already are. Welcome to the Revolution. Happy shopping!