Be emPOWERed Collection Review

Be EmPOWERed Sneak Peek

The Bold Lips Revolution brand consists of collections of lipsticks, lashes and products that are guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. Our Be EmPOWERed Collection is specially design to boost confidence and help women feel empowered no matter how they feel or what difficulty they may face in life.


Matte Lipsticks

The collection has both matte and shiny finish lipsticks each with a unique looks which highlights the uniqueness in every woman.

When you wear our matte lipsticks, you won't have to worry about smudges or constant re-application. Our matte lipsticks last long, look natural and further enhances your beautiful lip definition. 



You can do anything and the right lipstick will give you a boost of confidence like you can conquer any challenge you may face. Our Resilient lipstick represents the woman who weathered through storms, broke through fear, fell but got back out, and felt discouraged but remain focused. Resilience is you and you will love the smooth finish and decadent look this lipstick provides.

Check out our Resilience lipstick today.


No matter what anyone says about you. No matter what anyone does to you. You are loved and it's important that you love yourself so you can pay it forward and also love others. It's hard not to fall in love with our Love lipstick. Continue to love every version of yourself on your path to self-improvement and make sure you always wear your Love lipstick because every time you see yourself in the mirror, it's Love at first sight.

Stay tuned for the release of our exclusive Love lipstick today.


The strength you must have to still be standing strong! Our Strength lipstick is just a small but fitting testament of how strong you actually are. Embrace it. As women, we've endured disappointment, heartbreak, pain, trauma, rejection, loss and marginalization YET here we stand. Turn heads in a room and command attention with this show stopping bold color of strength.

Stay tuned for the release of our exclusive Strength lipstick.


No one can steal your joy, but you can definitely steal the show with our Joy lipstick. Brighten a day with a beautiful bright color that highlights your beautiful smile. Our Joy lipstick is fun and vibrant. You are strong enough to be the joy in someone's life when they need it the most. So couple your joyful spirit with our Joy lipstick and shine your light for the world to see. 

Stay tuned for the release of our exclusive Joy lipstick today.

Redefining Make-up

Our customers come before our products which means our products are made with you in mind. Trust that BLR Cosmetics will awaken and amplify your inner resilience, love, strength and joy. Shop the Be emPOWERed Collection today.